There is always so much uncertainty surrounding lotteries. Like every other game of chance, there is no guarantee that you would win. It depends on the numbers you choose and the numbers that are picked. But if you were to win, life would be a dream!

In the lottery, you can pick your own numbers. People usually choose their lucky numbers based on their horoscope, or just their birthdays. You also have an option of a ‘quick pick’.


What Is A Quick Pick?

A quick pick is a computerized system that gives you a random selection of numbers. These are then your lottery tickets. If you are lucky enough, these could be your winning numbers.

There’s a lot of arguments surrounding quick picks. Some prefer using their own numbers while some like the quick pick. Here’s a brief introduction to help you understand quick pick and its pros and cons.

Advantages of Quick Pick

As the name suggests, quick pick is quick. It’s convenient and its fast. You can just stop and quickly buy your ticket and resume your life. There is no contemplating on the ‘perfect number’ or the difficult decision of choosing your birthday or your student number. Just go for it!

People that tend to choose their birthdays often have the same numbers. Since there are dates, all numbers would be from 1-31. So, there’s a higher chance you’d have to split your jackpot with your birthday twin.

Also, computers randomly choose these numbers. Just like the lottery. So instead of nitpicking your numbers, with a slight bias as well, a computer gives you a completely random selection of numbers. You would have no emotional leaning towards these numbers. They are absolutely random. This could lower your odds because you would be out-thinking the computer itself.


Disadvantages of Quick Pick

For many players, it’s just about the fun. You may feel closer to a loved one by choosing their birthdays rather than a random one. Or you could have fun going with your own birth date and testing your luck.

Furthermore, people believe that choosing their own numbers helps them avoid the common numbers. The number of their choice would be unique and meaningful to only them. Then always narrow down your chances of splitting the payout.

The quick pick is also very likely to choose the same numbers for someone else. That could be a complete waste of money. At the end of the day, it’s just a computer. It may have limited software and could generate the same numbers for other lottery tickers too.


Play Online Lottery Now

These luck-dependent games have no strategy nor any rules. Every game is different. You could become a millionaire by just one ticket. But even if you don’t that’s okay. You can try again in the next lottery.

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